What Makes Your Soul Sing?

What Makes Your Soul Sing?

This period is a time of huge transformation (and transitions) for many. For the past few weeks, I have witnessed so much turmoil and despair among those reaching out to me, so many crises and desperate situations, disease, death, bankruptcy… putting one’s entire world upside down (when it is not simply gone!). For different reasons (including the so-called sequestration that hurt many in an area so depending on Federal jobs), many are also “forced” to be in the uncomfortable space of “not knowing, a space that can feel extremely uncomfortable, even dark at times, re-opening questions that they don’t know how to face…

Yet, as extreme as all those situations can be, they are also an unique opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and ask: What does my soul want? It might feel like a big question – and it is – and the role of a shaman is precisely to support and facilitate that process of (re)connecting with one’s soul agenda, one’s life purpose – one of the most beautiful and humbling job, I must confess.

Maybe the whole idea is feeling abstract to you right now so let’s replace it by something more concrete: If money was not an issue (while you are wondering what’s next professionally or how you are going to pay the bills), or if you knew this was your last day (or week) to live (while you feel paralyzed by the gravity of the crisis you are currently in), what are the things that would really matter?  What would really make you happy? What would make your deeper self smile and feel nurtured right this moment? What would make you feel that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do? What would your soul want or – as I often phrase it in mentoring sessionswhat would make your soul sing?

Here is a simple exercise which can guide you through that self exploration.

1. Find a quiet place and take a few deep breaths, just to make sure that you are arriving in your body, in this moment. Take the time you need to fully connect inside, even if it still feels chaotic in there (you may want to use one of the meditations suggested in other posts to help you find some inner peace). Take a piece of paper or your notebook and write down at least 5 things that make your soul sing, that make you feel alive when you do them.  Some might be very small things, other bigger, some almost trivial, other almost too big or unrealistic. Don’t think and don’t limit (and even less censure) yourself.

2. Then, look at that list and circle the one(s) that jump out. Try not to think. You can get back to that list and complete it or elaborate on each item  day after day.

3. Then, look again, there is a high chance that some of the ideas that you have written are very modest things that you can introduce into your daily life right away, at least partially. Do it. Don’t wait! Some might be more life changing in nature. For them, do two things: dream big and wild about that other life you could have and start putting in place concrete steps towards your goal (looking for information about it, meeting people to talk about it, finding more inspiration and tips, etc.).

Why waiting for the life your soul is dying to live? This life is all you have now and you have that incredible soul in you, that gift. That soul is worth the effort to re-invent (or re-create) yourself all the time (meaning: one moment at a time).  And there is nothing to compare to the energy you will feel out of that (re)alignment with your soul purpose.

So, tell me, what makes your beautiful soul sing?


“Nobody is born to a little life. There is not one birth that doesn’t have tremendous value to the whole. Life is offering you the grace and flow of miracles unendingly. It is your job to open your heart to them. You deserve it.”

~ Debbie Ford


Béatrice | Contemporary Shamanic Healer


Béatrice Pouligny
Allowing The Light
March 2013

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