Prepare To Transform Your Life in 2024: Transform Limiting Beliefs

Prepare To Transform Your Life in 2024: Transform Limiting Beliefs

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 

― Rumi

As the end of a year is approaching, you might be looking ahead at what you want the New Year to bring. You may get ready to set new resolutions, make list of things to fix or twist in your life, or pray that deeper changes occur. Wherever you are on that spectrum, one important step in the process of transforming your life is to shift limiting beliefs and thought patterns that might be part of your life story but no longer serve you.

Outside circumstances can impact what is happening – or not happening – in our lives. However, in most cases, we can also identify negative or distorted thought patterns that might need to be changed as well. Being aware of their existence and working on shifting them is important.

Spiders let go of their old exoskeleton for them to keep growing. Lobsters crack their outer shells so they can further expand. What I am referring to here is less radical. But, if you want to open to more possibilities and align with a more fulfilling life, you need first to create space in your mind.

Here is a simple yet powerful exercise to help shift and rewrite the script for you:

Identifying core limiting beliefs

1) First identify which areas of your life you want to see transformed – I would recommend not selecting more than two (maximum three) at this point.

2) For each area, list the most common automatic negative thoughts or beliefs (or fears) that tend to come to your mind. They can be of any type. Make sure you don’t go to any self-judgment. Just list all that comes to mind, including all those that you feel to be very reasonable in view of past experiences.

Then go back to your list and select three core beliefs that seem the most prominent to you. Next to each of them, write down how it makes you feel, what you usually do when this thought comes up, etc. Again, don’t be hard on herself. We all have those core beliefs. Just use that time of self-reflection to bring awareness to what might no longer serve you, including if you feel that you have very good reasons to feel that way.

Starting to transform beliefs

3) Look at each of your current beliefs, and find a supportive statement related to how you would transform this.

You might want to try sentence starters such as: I choose to believe, I am allowing myself to, I know…

You can even start your statement by “May I…” if you don’t feel quite there.

Rewrite those new statements as many times as you need to until you feel the beginning of a shift within you, maybe a sense of peace. Try a few variations. You need to be able to believe what each statement says.

I would recommend writing them down in a place where you can easily get back to them, at least once a day.

Practicing the shift and rewiring the brain

4) Then comes the practice: Whenever you notice an old belief or thought pattern popping up in your mind, take the time to pause and have compassion for what you are thinking and feeling. And then take a few deep breaths and says “AND…” followed by your new statement.

If you can, add to the statement an embodied sensation, an image or any other sensory experience that might help you connect with your burgeoning new belief.

Connect to your new statements every single day until they begin to feel real and replace the old beliefs. This is a big part of how you are going to nurture wholeness in the New Year.

Let me know how it goes for you and don’t hesitate to reach out should you need support.

Together we can work to get you ready for your big YES to Life in 2024!

Béatrice Pouligny | Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Mentor

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