At the time of my session with Béatrice I was struggling with several huge issues. The most recent was the death of my sixteen year-old daughter for which I and my family were unprepared. This event marked the end of a difficult year: I wanted to take a break from my marriage or maybe to leave. I hated my position at my current university and wanted to leave.
Antoinette T.

What to Expect From a Shamanistic Healing Session

You may wonder what you can concretely expect from a shamanic healing session. Below are detailed testimonials from clients who have come to see me. They are organized according to the main demand each client had for the session (click the topic you are most interested in, although I recommend that you also glimpse at others):

A miracle that is to be continued every single day of your life. I will always remember Beatrice’s words after my first Shamanic journey with her. About a year and a half after the sudden death of my beloved 39-year old son, I had gone to meet with her, hoping to discover new ways of healing. Having never consulted a Shaman, I had been hesitant at first to go, but thankfully I just picked up the phone and made the appointment that was to forever change my life. Beatrice was immediately reassuring and filled with a powerful, beautiful energy. Our session together truly changed my overall outlook and made me more fully aware of my son’s very real presence and his continued source of comfort. His example was always one of living life to the fullest.

During the second journey, my son, in no uncertain words, told me to live more fully and get back into life with new creative endeavors, that I was not fully back yet, and that now was the time to do it. He said that it was the best gift I could give him. “My spirit will guide you. Walk on. Everything is possible. There are no boundaries. We are for ever together.”

Beatrice encouraged me to take the time to fully integrate these journeys by continuing to read my notes. Indeed, the messages have made such a positive impact, and comforted me every time I have re-read them, allowing me to not only remember but to re-live every time the journeys. My experience with Beatrice has been truly miraculous and I am so grateful. Indeed, as she says, the miracle can be continued every single day of my life!

Sharon C.

At the time of my session with Beatrice I was struggling with several huge issues. The most recent was the death of my sixteen year-old daughter for which I and my family were unprepared. This event marked the end of a difficult year: I wanted to take a break from my marriage or maybe to leave. I hated my position at my current university and wanted to leave. I was stifling in my husband’s country in which I had been living for 18 years and wanted to go back to my own. I wanted to write more creative stuff and to devote less time to academic writing. I was battling with difficult emotional issues including the need for grounding in my own life and the intense need for emotional independence, balance and focus. I needed peace, serenity and inner healing. The outcomes of the session with Beatrice were immediate and continuous. I came out of the session with keys for my journey in the present obtained from my past. I am learning to understand not just with my mind. I have a better grasp of my present because I feel that I am not alone. My daughter’s love (so overwhelmingly present during my session with Beatrice) has transformed my grief into another kind of experience. I miss her presence in the body but I can link with her love in spirit. She comes to me in strengthening dreams. Simple exercises and symbols from the journey with Beatrice help me to be grounded and focused. I learn to keep my feet on the ground literally and symbolically. I have a better connection with the flow of life which is both ordinary and deep. My projects are taking shape day by day because of an increased confidence, a decreased feeling of guilt. I feel that Beatrice’s work is healing and authentic. The benefits continue more than five months after the session. I am still growing and am not dependent on Beatrice although she remains available to listen and guide if I wish. She has allowed new openness and a well-needed earthly grounding in my life’s journey.

Antoinette T.

When I came to Beatrice, I felt completely overwhelmed with the demands of my life. Within the past year, my dad had died, and I was dealing not only with losing him, as well as the circumstances of his death, but with clearing out the house that he and my mother had lived in for sixty years. I had been transferred from a job that I was passionate about to another, unknown job. My ego was bruised and I didn’t feel as if I had the energy to learn a new job. I felt depleted, gripped with anxiety, and lacking joy. The images that Beatrice reported from the journey resonated in me. During the session, I experienced an emotional release, and felt surrounded by my dad’s presence and love. As the days passed, I noticed that the intense physical and emotional discomfort of feeling overwhelmed began to dissipate. I have been able to handle stresses in a gentler manner. Beatrice showed me a wonderful grounding and uplifting movement, and I continue to use its healing at critical times of stress. I have spent much time working on clearing out my parent’s house, and I have allowed myself to feel the range of emotions that have come up along the way. Although I felt quite abandoned by my school system, and suffered an injured ego, as it came time to start my new job, I have been able to move through this difficult transition in much the same way – allowing myself to feel the range of emotions, but always focusing on the requirements of the job and the children, instead of holding on to my own pain. I feel the shamanic session was a catalyst for my own healing, and have been most grateful for it. It’s still a process, and I look forward to being in a place of more strength and joy, but I can now see the possibilities that I was unable to see before. I know I am stronger and lighter because of my interface with Beatrice’s shamanic healing. I am most grateful for the great fortune to have crossed her path. She has an amazing gift.

Carol C.

Beatrice has been instrumental in helping me to overcome some challenges during a very difficult period in my life.  I contacted her when I was going through a painful time dealing with the end of my 20-year relationship with my ex and the growing strain in my relationship with my mother.  Both situations left me feeling a great amount of sorrow, loneliness and anger.  I was immediately at ease when I first met Beatrice.  She was warm, compassionate and attentive.  After the first session, I spent the next few weeks processing some major stuff.  It wasn’t necessarily easy work, but it was that critical step necessary to work through the healing process.  It was as if a switch had been turned on inside me allowing me to do some extensive “internal processing” – all in very short period. After my second healing session three months later, I left Beatrice’s office feeling completely at peace – which remains with me to this date. Although there are times when I feel some regret and sadness over my losses, I feel well grounded and confident as a rebuild parts of my life.  Most recently, Beatrice came to my house to do a clearing and I’m already seeing some movement on the house front with projects coming to a close after stagnating for many months.  Her guidance, insights and personalized exercises were invaluable. I am grateful to have encountered Beatrice – such a compassionate person with an amazing gift!

Nicole V. G.

Beatrice helped me regain a part of myself that was always with me, but that I could not find for years after my experience of losing friends in combat and witnessing the torture of others as a prisoner of war.

Frank S.

I struggle with a sense of living in a state of fight or flight. Years ago I was in a catastrophic train derailment so naturally I assumed that my emotional intelligence limitations were directly related to that event and its sequellae from 25 years ago. In the shamanic journey with Beatrice, I discovered many other reasons for my fight or flight condition and over time I have found that confronting them diminished their power. What’s more, Beatrice suggested that I protect myself by envisioning a warrior in a blue light. Eventually, that warrior became simply a blue warrior and I envision her surrounding me when my stress level rises. This has made a huge difference in my daily life. Beatrice is astute and quickly able to access the depth and meaning of any blockage or disturbance she feels in the energy of a person. I deeply trust her. I feel that I have found in her a fellow traveler, a friend, and a spiritual guide.

Carolynn K.

I was struggling with depression and lack of confidence. Following the session with Beatrice I gained knowledge about the basis for my feelings. I felt equipped with some strategies to feel more centered and confident. I was given many insights to ponder and seek clarity. I feel like the session was a work in progress. I was given the insights and so many things to think about, exercises to keep me focused and the encouragement to trust myself to become strong. I especially enjoyed the comforting setting and emotionally moving rituals.

Judy D.

My experience with the healing has been proving very beneficial. When I came to see Beatrice, my overall sensation was that my life was over; I felt extremely depressed and could not get up in the morning. Since the healing, I have noticed that I wake up with no anxiety, but with optimism. I look forward to what the day may bring and look forward to the future. I honestly do have an overall feeling of well-being.

I now have a better rapport with my mother also, which is something Beatrice worked on. My mother acted surprised when I told her I was thinking of her and bought her a gift. As Beatrice had stated, it will not be as I wanted a mother/daughter relationship to be, but it is better than it was before.

Debra A. L.

When I came to see Beatrice, I was struggling with feeling sick. I had a cold and felt lousy, fearful and crying easily. After the session, I felt so light and open, it was amazing. I felt that I had been washed clean of old karma and crap from past lives, stuff from this life that I needed to let go of….current issues seemed resolved too. Basically I felt strong knowing that I am the source of my happiness and it is not contingent on anyone else. More than two months later, I still feel good although the feeling of complete bliss has passed as I deal with life daily. But I am meditating more and taking time to be quiet and listen within. Beatrice is highly skilled at what she does. I was impressed with her ability to access information, bring it to me clearly and showing me how to proceed from there. I enjoyed the experience very much and would recommend it to anyone!

Joyce M.

Thank you, Beatrice for an experience of a lifetime. I have arrived back home feeling reborn. Thank you for stepping forward to develop the gifts you have been given. You are a blessing to others.

Judith L.

I was struggling with insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety. I had developed minor fatigue and anxiety during my second pregnancy, which became worse after delivery. After I was prescribed oral steroids for a blocked Eustachian tub I became unable to sleep which exacerbated the fatigue and anxiety. I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency which I have been struggling with for over a year now. I didn’t quite know what to expect from my session with Beatrice since I had never experienced anything like it before. I was amazed by how much Beatrice knew about my life and previous events. Through our session, I was able to address past emotional issues that had been holding me back. In particular, issues about my father that I thought I had put behind me were revealed to be still very much a current part of my life and affecting my health and emotional well-being. Beatrice helped me to get past these blockages and freed me of the emotional burden I had been carrying around with me. Beatrice could even pinpoint the area in my body, which seemed to be out of balance and she could feel physical sensations that I was experiencing. Since my session, I have experienced relief of some of my symptoms, particularly the insomnia. I am sleeping well 90% of the time, which is a huge improvement. I am also experiencing less fatigue and anxiety, although those symptoms are still present. Beatrice was up front with me that she cannot eliminate all physical symptoms or replace medical treatment, although I feel that the release of emotional baggage allows your body to start healing. I continue to use some of the visual imagery that Beatrice saw during our journey together during my meditations.

Shellie M.

I have requested Beatrice’s shamanic services on several occasions, and have been tremendously impressed by her healing abilities. While my visits have centered on overcoming anxiety and fears, she managed to shed light on past experiences that helped me overcome the fears and anxieties in ways I never imagined. I would strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with a fear, pain, or loss in their life to contact Beatrice to hear more about how she can help work through some of these challenges.

Separately, I also asked Beatrice to “clear” our house when we recently moved. She spent the time to assess the energy of the house, to clear out any unwanted energy, and to smudge the house with sage to give it a clean start. The house feels different already!

F. C.

When I came to see Beatrice, I was struggling with just about everything that deals with my illness. Although I did not realize so much was bothering me until I started to bring it all to the surface. But it started with a small thought of fear of the chemotherapy and radiation. Not the cancer itself but the “help” from the medical field to “keep” cancer from re-occurring for at least 5 years. The session with Beatrice has brought closure to most of the fears and given me the ability to feel at peace with decisions that were facing me. I have felt reassured that everyone and everything was in my corner for a clean and bright outcome. I felt very positive after the session and I still feel that way right now – as I write, six months later. I must add that the daily exercises that she recommended me to do outside have been a tremendous help to get rid of the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation. I have recommended them to several persons around me.

Marti S.

I am 19 year old ovarian cancer survivor (two years remission) and even though I had for the most part fully recovered from chemotherapy, I felt that I was still carrying some residual physical memories associated with that painful time of my life. When my mother signed me up for a healing with Beatrice I was a little skeptical but definitely open to the experience. I was new to holistic healing and was not sure what to expect from my session but I hoped to feel some release from the feelings of fear and pain that I felt holding me back from moving forward in life as a college student. The experience itself was beyond description and I’ sure it is different for each person. The immediate emotions felt very cathartic.

Following my session, I have been feeling the effects of the healing continuing to unfold and there have been a lot of positive changes in my life not only having to do with cancer. I feel like some weight has been lifted off of my body and mind. I’m finding it easier to be spontaneous and I feel more in control of myself and my life. Since then, I’ve been able to drop old habits that I realized were not healthy and I feel like I can handle what the future holds. I feel a lot less anxious and more open socially. It’s like the person who I remember from when I was a young child, way before cancer, has been able to come out and play again. The healing gave me some wonderfully helpful perspective. My scars don’t bother me as much as they used to. I really feel like the session was a much needed turning point for me to move on with my life after cancer. My mother and sister had their own sessions and from their experiences and my own I can attest to the positive impact Beatrice’s gifts can have on someone’s life and spirit. I am very grateful for what she has done for me.

Elizabeth P.

I struggled with crippling back pain for seven years. It started as sciatica, a type of tingling, shooting nerve pain, down my left leg that appeared in my late 20s. After months of pursing various types of treatments to no avail, my leg grew weaker. All of the specialists recommended surgery and I followed their advice. The back surgery was partially successful. I no longer had severe, continuous pain every day, but I still suffered from back pain several days a month. Some months were much worse than others. In those months, I would take daily prescription medication. When that wasn’t enough, I would get a spinal injection of a steroid into my back.

For years, I managed my back pain with physical therapy and exercise, medication, spinal injections, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture with the assistance of a slew of medical and holistic specialists: orthopedists, physical therapists, pain management doctors, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. In some of my most painful and darkest days, I also suffered from depression and insomnia – two common companions to chronic pain. It affected my ability to work and my desire to go out with friends.

During my pregnancy, my back pain was minimal – it was a welcome relief! However, after the birth of my son, I suffered from immense back pain that was 10 times worse than anything that I have ever felt in all the years before. It was the kind of back pain that hurt even while I was laying in bed after “waking up” from a sleepless night. The pain and resulting insomnia magnified my postpartum depression. I went back to all the doctors and specialists and they seem unfazed. They all said that with my history of back pain, it is accepted that I will have more pain following childbirth. To make matters worse, they were hesitant to prescribe any pain and sleep medication because I was breastfeeding.

Remembering the advice of an osteopath and friend, who had seen Beatrice earlier, I decided to give her a try. Since I have a 13-year career in public health, I wasn’t seeking her to fix my body. I was really going to see her to seek guidance on career and general life direction now that I am a mother. Following my journey, Beatrice, gave me a list of suggestions of things to do to sort myself out. I was skeptical so I followed her advice with the exception of the one thing that I should do specifically for the pain. Two months later – and running out of options – I decided to do it. The pain did not appear the next day. I thought it was a fluke until the following day and then the day after that…. Months went by without me needing any type of prescription or over-the-counter pain medication. It is now almost a year since I have been liberated from back pain. I don’t need sleeping pills or anti-depressants anymore. For me, it is the closest that I have ever been to experiencing a miracle in my life. For my friends and family who have known me and watched me through the last eight years, it is nothing short of “amazing.” I don’t know what Beatrice did – or how she did it – but I do know with absolute certainty that she healed me. I only wished that I went to see her earlier.

Maria H.

The words to describe my experience with Beatrice have not been written yet. She removed the pain from my shoulder and back, neither has returned.  I feel more complete in the spot at the back of my head where I had suffered a concussion several years ago.  She said that she had returned the energy to that location and I truly feel the difference.  She had said that I would bring a job to me and that has happened!  I received not one, but two job offers this morning.  What a wonderful dilemma for me to have. I cannot thank her enough for her work on behalf of the world and individuals.

Joan A.

After many years working in very stressful corporate and government jobs, I decided to leave that world to pursue my business and life passion.  Shortly after I made the move, I became extremely ill and was hospitalized for several days.  Western medicine exacerbated the problem instead of making me better.   This experience started me on the path of finding healers who used a much more holistic approach to the whole body.  Through some amazing coincidences, I found Beatrice.  She helped me learn that my unresolved trauma, pain, stress and emotions that had built up over the years had caused the illness in my body. When she shared her notes with me, I felt a lightness and calmness in my being that had always been there but that I had never felt before in such a physical way. I understood how deeply cared for I was throughout the universe and that I was not alone.

I now have a team of earthly healers and spiritual guardians that are leading me on the journey to restore my health and vibrancy so I will be prepared for the next phases of my lovely life.  Thank you Beatrice!

Diane N.

I met with Beatrice because of protracted, pain in my lower back and legs.  The pain was resistant to all types of therapy and I was reacting to pain, inactivity and despair.

As a result of practicing the tools suggested by Beatrice following our sessions, my back pain is substantially reduced by ninety percent and I am able to participate more in my life.  The additional, non-physical, benefits are equally exciting.  I am learning to utilize mindfulness to recognize and redirect my negative thoughts and behaviors, many of which I previously allowed to control my actions and decisions.  I am more aware of and thankful for the grace and the love in my life and feel my heart is now open to possibility instead of closed to change. I feel taller, happier, lighter and in control. I love this journey and recognize there will be setbacks in my progress, but I will treat them as challenges.

I am incredibly thankful that I have been able to work with Beatrice and am very much in awe of her skills in her ‘other life’ and how she is helping so many around the world.

Mary Ellen M.

When I came to Beatrice I was frustrated with the ongoing pain in the area around my right shoulder blade and having issues around emotional intensity and confusion about the future.  On the completion of the sessions, because she had removed a spear from a past life and healed the heart wound that accompanied it, my shoulder pain was gone for the first time in nearly 40 years and I felt so very much lighter.  I was able to deal with a very emotional issue of boundary violation with a friend in a much more mature way with a higher level of understanding.  I am more looking forward to the future with a positive attitude and with a sense of freedom from the past – as Beatrice removed chains of depression wrapped in the past that were blocking my progress and weighing me down.

I am very grateful for her expertise and compassion.  I continue to experience more and more freedom from past emotional patterns and am more expressive verbally and emotionally than in many years.  I possess a great deal more clarity around who I am and what I need and want and can express this clearly and take the appropriate actions to resolve issues.  I cannot thank Beatrice enough for her part in my journey and speeding up the process so that I could be done – she is one very powerful woman and I am and will be grateful for the rest of my life.

I would ad that I have received sessions with Beatrice in person (June) and via the telephone (July).  The in-person session naturally had a more personal touch as she was physically there and there were aromas and stones and hands-on healing.  Nonetheless, the long-distance healing was equally effective in attention and resolution so I recommend both to anyone.

Jennie R.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lost her father to divorce and suffered abuse from the abusive alcoholic her mother remarried.  Then her mother passed away when she was only 19.  With no family support and an absent father, she began a journey of healing and wholeness.  That was me when I came to Beatrice.  I had struggled all my life with not feeling loved and wanted by family members and others.  It has been a long and revealing journey but well worth it.  Beatrice helped me to know that everything I need is within my higher self and my inner light.  I have been in and out of a marriage, several relationships, ran away to Colorado and finally back here to West Virginia where I found Beatrice.  I also found myself.  The sessions held such peace and wholeness.  I watched my dreams for signs and they were all there.  Many aspects of the sessions with Beatrice came out in my dreams and with help from Beatrice I found confidence to listen to my own dreams and inner voice to follow the path in my life.  I also attend Beatrice’s meditation workshops and now have solid tools to use when I feel anxiety or fear or depressed.  Always coming back to the breath and knowing that everything exists within that breath and that moment is another thing I learned from Beatrice.  She is a true blessing for this society and her gifts of healing, her compassion and her warm smile are enough to ignite our interconnectedness with each other!  Thank you, Beatrice, again and again!

Jessica C.

When I first saw Beatrice 3 years ago I was at one of the lowest points I can remember. Everything seemed to be falling apart and I had no idea what to do, I just knew that I wanted to move forward and grow. I found the town of Berkeley Springs, or rather, I believe that it found me when I wanted to just get out of town and off the radar for a week. I was struggling with loss that took many forms from losing loved ones to losing material and emotional things that i was attached to in my life. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, i felt that I had known her for years. I could feel her warm, compassionate, intuitive spirit and her heartfelt desire to help my beaten, battered and bruised spirit in any way she could. And she did. She always does. In that first journey with Beatrice, not only was I shown some insight into myself and my various situations but I was also given various techniques that could help me continue forward on my path.

I have been working with her ever since. I come for a Journey about once a year and my inner guide always seems to know when its time. Our sessions always help me push forward with the process of evolution in my spiritual, physical, and mental well being. Over the years, our work has opened me up to a different perspective and realm that i previously had not had access to. Sometimes something from a Journey won’t quite settle in and then something will happen in life that sets off a light bulb. I will go and read back over her detailed notes from that Journey and suddenly it will make more sense. I personally find her energy work on the chakras to be very beneficial. She senses what needs to be done for healing and energy flow, be it by her own intuition or by something that she saw in the Journey, and then she does what she is called to do. As far as energy goes, every time I have left a healing I’ve walked away with more clarity and body-wisdom than when I entered. Especially if the Journey gave me a lot to process emotionally, this work always assisted me in doing that.

Beatrice and Berkeley Springs in general have become a very special part of my life. She and the other healers at Awakening Health Center are truly a great group who shine at their respective practices. It has been awesome to watch them grow and build their business and healing space over the years. The rooms have a peaceful vibe and I always feel safe and comfortable…a breath of tranquility is inhaled every time I walk in. I am truly grateful for the relationship I’ve developed with Beatrice and all of the healing and personal growth that continues to come from the work that she does with me.

Angela C.

I experienced a Shamanic Journey with Beatrice in October of 2011 and it was an amazing experience.  I came to the journey looking to let go of some old emotional baggage that I felt was weighing me down despite a lot of spiritual work I had already done to clear it.  The experience really helped me shift my energy in a way that was lasting and deep in my body and cells.  It has been over a month since my experience and I continue to feel lighter, more in touch with my truth, and clearer about the directions I want to head in for my life.  Most importantly, the negative emotions I wanted to clear have been almost entirely eliminated from my daily experience.

I was also interested in what the shamanic journey would be like.  It was fantastic.  I felt very comfortable with Beatrice and safe to let myself into the experience fully.  It was powerful and immediate and I had several strong emotional releases during the journey, as well as a spiritual awakening at the end that felt like an opening into the oneness of spiritual reality in a way I had only experienced a few times before in my life. We spoke at length about what I experienced and what Beatrice saw during my journey, and that really helped me make sense of it.  Most helpful was a typed up report from Beatrice that allowed me to re-visit the journey and the images and stories it brought several times to integrate the lessons.  Each time I have reviewed it I feel very inspired to live my best life, and confident that I am supported by Spirit fully in my life journey.

I was staying in Berkley Springs for a few days after seeing Beatrice and starting the trip with a powerful spiritual experience made it a trip to remember.  I felt so at peace during my stay and would definitely return to do the whole thing again!

Tim M.

My journey(s) with Beatrice have provided me with a unique perspective upon my own personal story and path in life. Beatrice brings a high level of intelligence, inner knowing, empathy and spirit into the room. Her observation is keen, non-judgmental and multi-dimensional. The imagery and process in which she engages has brought me to a clearer sense of purpose in my life, a grounding in my body that is distinctly stronger than I’ve previously held, and an acceptance of my own particular path of life. Beatrice is a force of nature who deeply inspires me, gives me hope regarding the human spirit and allows me to know my own original potential in this world. I am immensely grateful for her presence in this world and that our paths have intersected.

Leigh W. S.

Powerful. That’s one way to describe my experiences with Shaman Beatrice.  I have journeyed with Beatrice for a couple of years now.  My issues were broad and spanned the emotional, physical and spiritual paths.  I had not been able to sleep well for many years, I experienced pain on a daily basis and I had no spiritual connection to the environment around me.

Positive impact for life.  That’s the description which best highlights the positive outcomes Beatrice brought to my life.  I sleep peacefully now.  I have been able to deal with deep emotional trauma from my rough childhood.  My physical pain has greatly improved.  I have begun a dynamic spiritual journey that I would never previously have believed was possible.  Most of all, Beatrice has been an encouraging light, steady mentor and fabulous Shaman.

Partnership.  I strongly recommend journeys with Shaman Beatrice if you need help healing from experiences that you have not been able to overcome alone.  Her gentle, caring and positive approach can yield really significant results.  If you trust Beatrice to “Allow the Light” in, I hope together you achieve the balance you may be looking for in life.

Christy S.

I had a shamanic session with Beatrice a few months ago. At the time, I was confused about the direction in which my career was heading. I’m an attorney who’d recently decided to quit a stressful job and travel. The shamanic session revealed that I should travel, but possibly to other places than I’d initially selected, and that through my travel, I’d find my career path. It’s funny, at no time did I feel skeptical of the process or outcome. I’m traveling now (loving every minute of it!) and just the other day while skyping with a friend from home, one of Beatrice’s visions became abundantly clear to me. She said it would happen like that, repeatedly even. I am beyond grateful to Beatrice for her guidance, professionalism and the follow-up advice she gave – without any additional cost. I’ve referred friends to her and if I ever have questions regarding other areas of my life, I will definitely return!

Rachel W.

As a working professional I did not always have the time to sit quietly and reflect on the purpose of my life. Many years had gone by and I had gained great success in my professional field however, I was missing significance. My journey with Beatrice suggested that meditation would help to re-identify the scared in my life. Our journey together brought great value and meaning to my life at a time when I seemed to be more concerned with building my resume than strengthening my soul. My session with Beatrice was loving, thoughtful and extremely caring in nature. Our journey together gave me great clarity to the next stages in my life. During my journey we had an opportunity to visit with some of my elders and to bring into focus how they will continue to play a role in my life as I begin to bring more significance and purposefulness to my being. I am honored and very glad that I met Beatrice and the process we embarked upon was a very personal journey and one which will be with me forever. My purpose now in life is not to chase happiness or to find happiness but to know that who I am and who I am about to become is greater than any happiness or fulfillment than one could desire. I am now in a peaceful place because of our journey and will be forever grateful to Beatrice for her insight.

I have changed my physical health dramatically because of this journey. I have lost 30 pounds, I exercise everyday, meditate and half my food intake comes from pressing my own vegetable juice. This journey brought meaning to my life, thank you Beatrice.

Tony M.

I recently had a wonderful distance healing session with Beatrice. I had a number of serious life decisions that I needed to make and I had been feeling very confused and unable to move forward. The session gave me the great clarity and a sense of calmness about what I needed to do next. The fact that I had the session at a distance made no difference to its impact. It felt as if Beatrice was in the room with me and I could feel the healing energy pouring into me. I felt happy, healed and uplifted after the session.

Mary G.

I came to see Beatrice around the beginning of the year and although I’ve known her for a while, this was my first ever experience with Shamanic Healing Session. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and receptive to the journey process. There were several things that I was needing to let go of, that I had been clinging too tightly to, that she brought to light and helped relieved the anxiety of moving away from. I came away from the session with a complete sense of calmness and clear direction that I wasn’t able to experience in a long time. I am by far a healthier and happier person because of the gift that she was able to share. Oftentimes now, I refer back to my journey notes to remember and return to center again – I know I’m following a much more positive and intended path because of the Shamanic experience.

Mariesa D.

I’m a work alcoholic – working two jobs when it is not financially necessary – seemingly unable to slow down and just “be”.  Through my session with Beatrice, my guides showed quite plainly and very strongly that I could choose an alternate, easier route.  This theme was brought forth with three different scenes with one scene depicting me flying on a trapeze (something I have always wanted to do and had forgotten about). It was quite a realization to me to see how I persevere on the work scene. It was also clearly shown how this work ethic was stemming from my background growing up on a farm, apparently imprinted on every cell in my body.  So the session with Beatrice brought it all home very specifically to take time to play and “BE” – just sit and BE.  There is also a health issue connected with taking on more than I can comfortably handle, and this was brought out very clearly. I felt really transformed by my shamanic journey with Beatrice and would highly recommend it to anyone.  I have reread my journey notes quite often and will continue to do so.

Bobbie R.

I believe the session I had with Beatrice provided a gateway and safe space for me to integrate some blockages I was experiencing. She and he ‘guardians’ provided that safe space for that internal integration process, especially in the first four chakras. I left her office feeling very much at peace, and remained that way for quite some time. Having that sanctuary in which to be present and still has made an immense difference in my heart and mind. I am most grateful that she shared her gift and hope she will continue to share it with many others for decades to come.

Karen A.

At the time that I went to see Beatrice, I was struggling with my relationship with my mother and how to help her with a very destructive addiction. Beatrice provided loving guidance and suggested specific approaches for handling the situation with my mother. Beatrice helped to clear some of my energy blocks in dealing with this problem. In turn, I felt very strong when I made the trip to conduct an intervention for my mother. Although my trip did not go as planned, I felt that the guidance that Beatrice offered helped me to navigate some very painful, difficult emotions. In my second visit with Beatrice, I was seeking insight on an intimate relationship, along with my future destiny. Beatrice provided clarity and insight on the direction of my life and, once again, provided me with some very powerful tools and techniques for dealing with future conflicts or struggle on my journey to Guatemala. Since then, I have continued to practice the meditative techniques she taught me and feel that I am finding a deep sense of inner peace.

Today, she continues to support my spiritual and personal growth through our e-mail contact. I would have to say that my experience with Beatrice was one of the best therapeutic, spiritually based experiences I have ever had. She is deeply intuitive and always strives to understand the clients’ needs. She is a warm, loving guide who will take you on a deep personal journey.

Mindi B.

I came to see Beatrice three months ago. The journey she did for me was incredible and I will be forever grateful for it. An immediate outcome after the session was a tremendous sense of calmness because of things she was telling me.  I felt a different energy surrounding me, primarily one of peacefulness. The notes of the journey continue to enlighten and inspire me as I go back to them on a regular basis. I am starting my fourth month in the journey of speaking my truth and opening my heart for the right relationship to enter into my life.  I have been feeling a bit unbalanced lately, which we had anticipated when I worked with Beatrice. So I was not too concerned. But then I wrote to Beatrice, she sent me back a series of exercises which were extremely useful and helped me re-balance immediately. What a journey it has been so far. I am so grateful for her guidance because I would be going down the same path currently if I had not had the session with her.

Janice P.

I made an appointment with Beatrice because of a situation at work that had become unbearably stressful and negative. I own a small business and had become friends with a couple of employees and those relationships had become completely toxic. I felt torn by the decisions I had to make and boxed in by the emotions. When I started having physical reactions to the stress I turned to Beatrice. During my journey I felt a peace I hadn’t felt in a long time. When we had completed our journeys we sat face to face, Beatrice said, ‘you know what you have to do.’ And I did. In our short time together she was able to give me the clarity I had been resisting for months. She was able to describe the relationships and the dynamics in an objective, clear manner that gave me the freedom to do what I needed to do. She also did some energy work that allowed me to stay on a higher level, which allowed me to maintain my energy, which had been severely drained and helped me to stay with my clear resolve. I made the changes that became so evident, both in myself and the work environment. Since then everyone involved is much happier. We continue to be in each other’s lives but in a more limited and healthy manner. I am so grateful to Beatrice for her help and for the work that she does. My toxic situation was about to become irreversibly negative but thanks to my session with her everything has changed for the better.

Mary Jo M.

While I have only worked with Beatrice for a short while, she has helped me to make major and enduring, positive shifts in my life.  I am frankly a bit amazed at my progress….and very pleased.  The impact of her support has covered a range of issues from the broad questions of how can I best transition into a new career to the very specific and body-based question of how to deal with post traumatic stress symptoms lingering from childhood experiences.  I am in the helping professions myself, so I set a high standard for others in the field.  I am happy to say that Beatrice works at a level of skill I have very seldom seen.  She listens deeply and translates exactly the right message in terms that I can instantly absorb and incorporate into my life.  Her knowledge and timing are impeccable.  She not only hears what I say, but what I don’t say but really mean.  The shifts I have made have been profound and supportive of my best self.  I am grateful for the two friends who referred me to her and recommend her to those who feel drawn to this work.  She is masterful.

M. M. K.

My mentoring experience with Beatrice was truly transforming. I came to the mentoring sessions wanting better health and a desire I could only vaguely word as “connection to the universe.” Beatrice really helped me clarify my feelings and form some solid practices that helped me reach my goals.

During my weeks with her my motivation and follow through increased significantly. I exercised more, ate better and made (and kept) long overdue health care appointments. More importantly, Beatrice taught me several modalities that helped me consistently recognize and honor my spiritual needs. I felt more peaceful, grounded and able to “connect” to my spiritual self. Beatrice is a truly warm and wise mentor and the positive results of my mentoring sessions continue to unfold, even now, months later.

Tracy M.

I initially sought out Béatrice for the healing of the loss of my father-in-law and IBS. I had fallen down a deep rabbit hole and could not find my way back. Immediately following our Shamanic journey, my IBS issue was completely resolved and the heaviness of 3 years was lightened. It has been a year since our first journey and I continue working with Béatrice to move to a more awakened state. The journey has been phenomenal. I have better relationships with nature, people and myself, a clear direction for my next phase of life and I feel more joyful, present and mindful. I highly recommend Béatrice. She is kind, practical, knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Kelly F.

Beatrice is truly a remarkable healer, and I am so very grateful for her unique gifts and insights brought forth on Shamanic Journeys and in her Mentoring Program. I had been dealing with some severe health issues for years, and was told her work might help me not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. If I am honest, I was skeptical of the process and didn’t really understand it, but was open to the possibility. Upon meeting Beatrice, I was immediately put at ease, and will forever be grateful for her amazing gift to me. Her presence and journey were very profound for me, and I have been steadily healthier after our journey. Her work affirmed that I needed to do my own spiritual ‘work’, and I enlisted her guidance as a Mentor. I wanted practical ways in which to daily refocus my thoughts and habits in a more positive direction. Through Beatrice’s guidance/mentoring I now feel I have a daily ritual that is so easy and positive. She has helped me find a path towards real health on many levels.

Beatrice’s Journeys and Mentoring have truly been gifts of Love and Light. She has allowed me to change my life in subtle and wonderful ways. THANK YOU!!!

Caroline C.

I recently completed Beatrice’s Spiritual Mentoring course. I’m still at a loss for putting into words all that I experienced through those five sessions. Initially, I was a bit concerned as there was no outline, syllabus or anything like that, but I soon realized that there was a method to the madness, it all needed to flow. And that is exactly what it did. Beatrice has a way of getting one to honor their core – to go deeper than the superficial thoughts we often pacify ourselves with. I am incredibly grateful for the blocks Beatrice helped me to realize and remove. It was frustrating and difficult and I considered giving up at points, but I am glad I stuck through it. The process made me honor truths that I’d denied for too long. Thank you Beatrice. Thank you. I will never forget this experience, nor the tools you gave me to move beyond…

Rachel W. (Puerto Rico)

My experience with ​Béatrice has been truly miraculous and I am so grateful.  Indeed, as she says, the miracle can be continued every single day of my life!

Sharon C.

For me, it is the closest that I have ever been to experiencing a miracle in my life. I don’t know what ​Béatrice did – or how she did it – but I do know with absolute certainty that she healed me.

Maria H.

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Nurturing Hope and Alignment (The Grand Conjunct)Nurturing Hope and Alignment in Troubled Times (Special Winter Solstice) I am writing in the hours leading to a very special Winter Solstice. In many ways, it feels more potent than our transition out of 2020. Isn’t our whole world in need of more light? What gives me even more hope and strength in this moment is the perfect alignment, on this same date, of the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn as they create what is commonly called the “Star of Bethlehem” or the Grand Conjunct. Visible on both hemispheres, this historical event feels like such a reminder of how large the Universe is, how whole and holy in its constant movement, expansive. Expansiveness and Compassionate Presence Isn’t it what we have been missing, both in our living spaces and, at times, within ourselves? This multi-layered crisis that we have been in is far from being over. And it is okay to still feel like you are “just surviving.” It is okay to feel like you are losing your mind more often that you are ready to admit... It is okay to feel out of control, because we all are. Wherever we are and whatever our circumstances, we are also, individually and collectively, navigating losses that we cannot even name yet. Now more than ever, we need to find gentle ways to soothe ourselves and our pain, and the pain of loved ones around us  -- and, when we can, the pain of our neighbors and those farther away from us. I don’t know about you, but this is what has kept me busy all these months. And this… Read More

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