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 You are not what happened to you but who you choose to become 

At the soul level, you are already perfect and whole. You may be far from believing it right now, but you can access it and be all that you want to be – mind, body and spirit. I am here to support you in transforming life challenges, go back to your soul essence, and rise to your highest vibration so you can fully be the unique expression of the Divine that is you.
What I offer as a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Mentor is informed by a unique personal, spiritual and professional path, thousands of hours facilitating healing processes, as well as 30 years of international experience, working on trauma and resilience. 
My practice as a spiritual healer is also informed by cutting edge research in holistic healing arts and neuroscience. This is not a substitute to what comes from Spirits and the highest source, but serves as a complement so that the deep spiritual shift that you will experience in the healing room will be anchored into lasting inner resources wired into your brain.
In parallel to my private practice, I am currently leading an international team of neuroscientists, spiritual leaders, and social activists working on “Rewiring the Brain for Peace,” researching the infinite possibilities of neuropolasticity and empowering each individual to transform themselves by changing their mind, and creating a more humane world. This is an integral part of what I am bringing to you, into the healing room.
Not sure of what you need or where to start? CONtact me now 
I work in person (in the DC/VA/MD area) and at distance.

My experience with Beatrice was one of the best therapeutic, spiritually based experiences I have ever had. She is deeply intuitive and always strives to understand the clients’ needs. She is a warm, loving guide who will take you on a deep personal journey.
Mindi B.

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