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 There is a crack in everything, that’s how The Light gets in 
Are you looking to radically transform your life challenges?
Are you searching for ways to get back to wholeness and complete wellbeing?
Are you longing to connect at a deeper level?
Are you ready to be aligned with your soul essence and authentic power?
Welcome! My name is Béatrice Pouligny and I am here to support you in being all that you want to be in this lifetime.
Bringing Love Light to the world has been and remains my life-long mission, one individual, one community at a time, in the healing room, and out into the world.
What I offer as a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Mentor is informed by a unique personal, spiritual and professional path, an exceptional multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural background, thousands of hours facilitating healing processes, as well as 30 years of international experience, supporting trauma healing and resilience, and helping build peace in the world. My practice is also directly informed by cutting edge research in neuroscience that I am currently co-leading, so that the radical shifts that you experience in the healing room (nothing short of a miracle) get anchored in lasting inner resources.
I work in person (in the DC/VA/MD area) and at distance.
Not sure of what you need or where to start? CONtact me now 


This is the closest that I have ever been to experiencing a miracle in my life. I don’t know what Beatrice did – or how she did it – but I do know with absolute certainty that she healed me. I only wished that I went to see her earlier.
Maria H.

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