Are you ready to radically transform your life challenges and deeply (re)connect?

Are you ready to be in your authentic power and shine bright into the world?

Welcome! My name is Dr. Béatrice Pouligny and I am here to support you to be all that you are meant to be in this lifetime.

I have helped thousands of individuals and communities deeply heal, transform and move to their full unique potential. What I offer is grounded in an authentic spiritual practice, 30 years of international experience, and solid knowledge in neuropsychology. It is also directly informed by the groundbreaking research that I am currently co-leading with neuroscientists, on the role spiritual practices and rituals play in rewiring individual brains and supporting deep collective transformation.

My clients often talk about the miracles that they have experienced in the healing room. I make sure that those radical shifts get anchored in lasting inner resources.

Bringing Love Light to the world has been and remains my life-long mission, one individual, one community at a time, in the healing room, and out into the world. Are you next?

I work in person (in the DC/VA/MD area) and at distance.

How I Can Support You:

Because you are not what happened to you but who you choose to become.

Shamanic Healing

Radically transform your life through a very complete shamanic healing session that will go straight to the heart of what you need now

Spiritual Mentoring

Receive highly personalized support on your path to step into your authentic power and be a soul-centered leader

Group Rituals & Trainings

Bring the change to your community or organization
(for-profit and non-profit) with highly customized rituals and trainings combining neuroscience and spirituality

Space Energy Clearing

Clear the energies in your home or business and transform not only the environment but the dynamics between those who occupy the space

My experience with ​Béatrice has been truly miraculous and I am so grateful.  Indeed, as she says, the miracle can be continued every single day of my life!

Sharon C.

For me, it is the closest that I have ever been to experiencing a miracle in my life. I don’t know what ​Béatrice did – or how she did it – but I do know with absolute certainty that she healed me.

Maria H.

Find some commonly asked questions and answers about Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Mentoring. If you feel a relevant question may have been missed contact me so I can consider a thoughtful answer and add it to the page. Read More

Access the most powerful practices and techniques that I have developed and applied over the past 30 years to support body-mind-spirit transformation. They draw upon ancient wisdom that can be found in all traditions, combined with the results of the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. So that you know why they work the way they do.
My hope is that you will find here a few tools that you will adapt to your own lifestyle and needs. Read More

If “Loving Yourself First” Feels Impossible: This Is For You! ‘To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.’ – David Viscott   “You have to love yourself first.” How many times have you heard or read this? Have you ever felt completely disarmed – or just plain upset – by this idea that self-love would be the pre-condition for you to be able to love others and find “true love”? Have you ever thought: “I will never get there”? Well, you are not alone. And I will be brutally honest here: Loving oneself can be f***ing hard! For many of us, “loving oneself first” might even just feel impossible – I mean truly loving oneself, not falling into some kind of narcissistic self-centered pattern. How do you love yourself when, growing up, you have constantly received the explicit or implicit message that you were not lovable? How do you love yourself when, later in life, traumas or significant losses have left you feeling unworthy and untrusting? How can you love yourself when you have made bad decisions that have dramatically affected not only your life but others’, when you have been battling terrible addictions, when everything in your life tells you that you are not lovable? You don’t even need to be in any of these situations for this idea of loving yourself first to make you feel that: 1) There must be something wrong with you because you are trying but you are not really feeling it like others seem to (because everybody says it,… Read More

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