In-Person Shamanic Healing, Energy and Mentoring Sessions

By appointments only:

6935 Laurel Avenue
Suite #207
Takoma Park, MD 20912

(Metro: Takoma Park / public parking lot next to the building)
Phone : 202.436.6125

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Cancellation and No-show Policies: I have limited my appointments each day so I can spend more time with you. I ask that you value my time as I value yours. I have a strict 24 hour-cancellation policy to ensure that all clients receive my attention when they need it. The full amount of scheduled service will be due for missing an appointment with less than 24 hours notice.

Late Policy: Late arrivals will not receive an extension of scheduled service times and will be charged the full service fee.

Appointments for distance healings and all other services:

Distance healing and mentoring sessions are by phone or Skype. They follow the same process as in-person sessions. The main difference is with the body work that I do at distance, immediately after the journey, while the client is still in a relaxed state at home. Then I call back for the debriefing. Clients who have experienced both are generally blown away by the intensity and effectiveness of distance healing, in particular (but not only) for physical issues.

All distance sessions are payable in advance through Paypal.

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My experience with ​Béatrice has been truly miraculous and I am so grateful.  Indeed, as she says, the miracle can be continued every single day of my life!

Sharon C.

For me, it is the closest that I have ever been to experiencing a miracle in my life. I don’t know what ​Béatrice did – or how she did it – but I do know with absolute certainty that she healed me.

Maria H.

Find some commonly asked questions and answers about Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Mentoring. If you feel a relevant question may have been missed contact me so I can consider a thoughtful answer and add it to the page. Read More

Access the most powerful practices and techniques that I have developed and applied over the past 30 years to support body-mind-spirit transformation. They draw upon ancient wisdom that can be found in all traditions, combined with the results of the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. So that you know why they work the way they do.
My hope is that you will find here a few tools that you will adapt to your own lifestyle and needs. Read More

Transcendence: How to Nurture Interconnectedness in a Divided WorldTranscendence: How to Nurture Interconnectedness in a Divided World “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi If you are like me, you might be struck by how much divisiveness prevails everywhere these days, online, offline, among ourselves, and within ourselves… No community and no one seems to be completely immune from it, even when we feel that we are above it, as I recently witnessed on one of my local listservs. Personally, the online / media experience is always the most painful one, hence my keeping as much distance as I can from it and being mindful of what I read and watch. Yet, I am fully aware of the many other ways the energy of division can affect me, like everyone else. I also witness, in the healing room, how much this contributes to so many individuals suffering from a total disconnect from themselves as well. This was at the center of one of my recent contemplative walks and also of a post I wrote for the Peace ReWire project. So I wanted to share with you some insights from neuroscience about how the experience of transcendence can help transform these feelings, as well as suggestions of simple practices that can help you better anchor a sense of interconnectedness. (more…) Read More

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