Nurturing Hope and Alignment in Troubled Times (Special Winter Solstice)

Nurturing Hope and Alignment in Troubled Times (Special Winter Solstice)

I am writing in the hours leading to a very special Winter Solstice. In many ways, it feels more potent than our transition out of 2020. Isn’t our whole world in need of more light?

What gives me even more hope and strength in this moment is the perfect alignment, on this same date, of the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn as they create what is commonly called the “Star of Bethlehem” or the Grand Conjunct. Visible on both hemispheres, this historical event feels like such a reminder of how large the Universe is, how whole and holy in its constant movement, expansive.

Expansiveness and Compassionate Presence

Isn’t it what we have been missing, both in our living spaces and, at times, within ourselves?

This multi-layered crisis that we have been in is far from being over. And it is okay to still feel like you are “just surviving.” It is okay to feel like you are losing your mind more often that you are ready to admit… It is okay to feel out of control, because we all are. Wherever we are and whatever our circumstances, we are also, individually and collectively, navigating losses that we cannot even name yet.

Now more than ever, we need to find gentle ways to soothe ourselves and our pain, and the pain of loved ones around us  — and, when we can, the pain of our neighbors and those farther away from us.

I don’t know about you, but this is what has kept me busy all these months. And this is why I have sounded so quiet to the outside world. It is not that I had nothing to say or did not want to connect but all my energy (and time!) has been focused on supporting others in the healing room, in my immediate community and at home.

Beyond the very concrete material support, the presence and compassion for each other is often what help us find our way to the other side of a crisis. Every dis-ease(fall out of ease), whichever its nature, points the way to the future if we pay attention. In shamanism, disease is always telling us something.

So let’s listen together…

Has this period led you to deepen your inner exploration? Or has it felt too painful to even venture inward?

Has it made some of your choices clearer than they are in normal times? Or more difficult than ever?

No matter where you are in this moment, you can be the explorer of your own life through its impermanence: 

What is sustaining you (or has sustained you) in dealing with this difficulty / tragedy / illness?
Where are you finding your strength(s)?

What makes you despair?
Where are you finding hope?

What is suprising you in your life now? Today?
What is moving you or touching you?
What is inspiring you?

Where are you finding your own alignment?

At times, all it takes are a few drops of gentle awareness to what a particular situation is bringing up for you; and looking at which energy you want to, need to, or simply can focus on in the moment. 

Here is my invitation to you during this period: Find those moments of gentle inquiry, as evanescent as they might be.

As always, you don’t have to do any of this alone. Don’t hesitate to contact me and share your experience. 


Béatrice Pouligny | Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Mentor

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