The Energy That Comes From Saying YES To The Universe

The Energy That Comes From Saying YES To The Universe

Every New Year is rife with resolutions, goal setting, and at times long list of things we would like to “fix” or even just twist a little in our lives. Personally, I have long let go of the idea of achieving any outcome and learned instead how to look at what was shifting right in front of my eyes, and how to listen deeply to what was moving. There is a lot of “not doing” (or undoing) in this approach, one day, one moment at a time. There is also a lot of trust in the Universe and my own soul (or higher self), a sense that this deeper wisdom knows better than I do.

These past few weeks, this has come with more systematically saying “Yes!” to the Universe. I started this very simple habit after I realized that I had seemed to have “lost” some of that easy inner guidance that had been guiding every single one of my steps since my vision quest, in September. I was still pausing, listening, as much and as often as I could but, at times, I could feel that things were escaping me, as if the one who was still deep in the Mystery could not always relate with what the outsider world was keeping throwing at me. One of my mentors with whom I shared what was happening asked me how I could say “Yes” to the Mystery more fully. I could not find an immediate answer, beyond what I was already doing, so I simply started to consciously say “Yes” to the Universe along my days.

When I wake up not feeling that great, or when I can feel a slight discomfort within me, or something “off”, I just pause, acknowledge, and explicitly say “Yes” to the Universe and Life, no matter what. When something comes my way, I say “Yes”, particularly if it feels scary or if it is a project that I have postponed before or that I have felt could never be mine. To be frank, I don’t always know clearly what I am saying “Yes” to. I just know that I address that “Yes” to the highest vibrations in the Universe, so that they can answer “Yes” back to me. Every single time I have said that most simple “Yes”, I have been blown away by the burst of energy that I have felt within me.

One week after starting that simple practice, a spider decided that it was time to grow, which means that she had to form a new, larger cuticle exoskeleton and shed her old one, in other words to molt right in the middle of my living room, on a silk line. The whole process lasted for a few hours. I checked, from time to time, in between clients. I was able to see her body literally growing in front of my eyes, immediately after she had lost the old exoskeleton, while her new one was still highly flexible. Imagine that: completely letting go of your structure, your skeleton! She must have been scared to death and yet, she did it, she worked hard for that huge change to happen so that she could grow.

How do spiders or snakes know that they need to go through such deep transformation? I don’t know. I just know that they do. By doing so, they obey an universal law of life: for life to be, change is constantly needed, atoms need to constantly explode and recompose themselves. What physicists, astrologists and other scientists have told us over and over, since the great Albert Einstein, is that rather than being energy itself, life is all about moving energy around and transforming it from one form to another. At a fundamental level, we are pure energy, like everything else in the Universe. And so we are governed by the same principles. Whether we like it or not, it happens. Transformation happens, individually and collectively. The difference is in how we are being present to it.

Most of us have the habit of going through life, saying yes to the things we do like and no to the things we don’t like, and yet, everything we encounter… IS life in movement. No need to “resist” or “let go” – “want” or “not want”. Saying “Yes” is not even about “positive thinking” or “law of attraction”. It is, however, about trusting that, if we address our yesses to the highest vibrations in the Universe, it will always answers “Yes” to us. It may be big or small; it does not matter.

So, as a new year is just starting, I am inviting you to just look into your heart in the moment and let your “Yes” come from it. And let the energy of life burst out on its own. It can be scary. You may not even completely know what your are saying “Yes” to. Just say it. And feel the energy that comes from whatever gets freed within you and the Universe answer to you. This is co-creation, right there.

Béatrice | Contemporary Shamanic Healer

Béatrice Pouligny
Allowing The Light
January 2016

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