Are You Ready to Stop Working on Healing Yourself?

Are You Ready to Stop Working on Healing Yourself?

In “spiritual healing,” the word “spiritual” is the most important one

Many of the individuals who come to see me report having worked their whole lives on “healing themselves” – being it physically, emotionally, or mentally. Long term diseases and complex traumas may take time to get transformed. But spiritual healing holds a different promise. It is not only an alternative approach that one may try when everything else has failed. In “spiritual healing,” the word “spiritual” is the most important one. This is where lies the power and the potential for miracles. And that’s what you should expect.

Recognizing the realm of the soul as being more than the process of healing

When you start paying attention to what is happening at the soul level, you start realizing that there is more to you than your human mind and body. Because you are in the healing room, it is not an intellectual exercise, something you read about in a book or that you have heard someone talked about. It is a very tangible sensation. And if you become more aware of it and choose to keep observing it, you will start redirecting at least part of your energy and intentions towards something different from your pains and sorrows. It does not mean ignoring them or denying their existence. But it means opening up to other possibilities, letting a little bit of light going through the crack, and giving a chance to other parts of your being to be acknowledged, and grow.

You start shifting your focus towards the “new” you (some might say the “real” one), or at least a new sensation, deeper than your words can express, and it starts permeating more of your daily life. The dis-ease (or the need to heal) becomes less of your story, less of what defines you, maybe even less of an identity as you are feeling that there is more to you and your life, and you start believing in it.

Many people come to me because they feel that they need healing, but they leave with a different story. Healing no longer feels like something that may take forever, is difficult or painful. The realm of Spirits is full of Joy and Lightness, and this increasingly becomes part of their reality. More often than not, they embark on an extraordinary spiritual journey, one that they may have never dreamed of. That’s what I love so much about this work. It is not about making people “become spiritual” or following a certain path. It is about helping them open up to more of who they want and can be in their life.

Experiencing in your daily life: a concrete practice to let your soul guide you

Now, it takes practice to actually keep feeding (and feeling) the Joy. It takes dedication to support the mind to keep choosing, over and over, a different pathway (and actually grow new synapses in the brain). The nature of the human mind is such that it tends to go back to what it knows, specially if it is painful. This has been part of our evolution as a species, for survival purposes, but it does not mean that it has to remain this way. You can choose differently, and you can do it in a way that makes you feel increasingly better, more joyful and alive.

Here is a simple practice that you can adapt to your own need. For some people, it can help practicing it with a facilitator first, to make sure that you can anchor it. In my experience, it is also easier to put it into place after a spiritual healing session during which you have, indeed, “touched” your soul. Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and/or visualization can also be a good support so that you can really “feel” what is happening, not only in your mind but in your entire body:

  1. The pain (whether physical or mental) comes, a “bad memory” pops up and starts invading your experience field. Or, for the sake of practicing, you are actually bringing to mind, to awareness, what causes you the most pain.
  2. Pause and take a few deep breaths, taking the time to feel your feet on the ground, your seating bones, maybe taking a few deep breaths in and out of your belly and chest.
  3. Then, keeping the awareness of your breath at the center of your chest, acknowledge what is, with compassion. You feel for that pain, you are not denying it, you are not saying that it is not real. Imagine holding it as if you were holding another being that you care about, or yourself as a young child. You say that you care, without going into too many stories, but really feeling that you care.
  4. AND, after a few minutes of this, coming back to your breath over and over, you switch: You reaffirm the essence of who you know your soul to be, of who you are choosing to be now, connecting with it in very concrete ways (the touch of an object or the sensation at the center of your heart, a smell, a music or a sound, an image, a poem or just a word…).
  5. You keep doing this as long as needed.

At first, the relief / release might feel subtle, but you will progressively feel it growing. I usually recommend to do this routinely at least twice a day and go back to it (maybe in a shorter version) anytime you feel your mind drifting during the day.

Embarking on your soul journey

It takes a little bit of discipline at first (as in “learning” which is the real etymology of the word discipline) but, if you stick to it, you will quickly see the results and start winning the battle in your mind. Even more importantly, you will start realizing that your journey is no longer (only) about healing but about becoming who you truly are at the soul level. Will there still be some more healing happening along the way? Sure, we human beings generally proceed by layers, releasing as we live and get moved by the events of life. This part of the story may not stop but it will no longer be the most important one. Your life will have stopped to be about what needs to be fixed. It will be about allowing the unlimited possibilities that are you, to grow. Your story will have become your soul story and I can guarantee you that there is absolutely no limit to where it will lead you.

Let me know how the journey goes for you and, as always, don’t hesitate to leave a message below, ask a question, or email me for more information.

Béatrice | Contemporary Shamanic Healer

Béatrice Pouligny
Allowing The Light
April 2018

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