Looking For Miracles? You Just Need To Show Up!

Looking For Miracles? You Just Need To Show Up!

People often ask me what make miracles happen. At times, they confess feeling envious when reading through the testimonials on my website, wondering: “Why not me?”

I know that miracles happen. I see them in the healing room and no, I don’t take any credit for them.

Here is my current (limited and evolving) understanding of how to make a miracle happen:


Here is what I mean by really showing up, both in the healing room and in your daily life, as miracles also happen there.

  • Intention

As you may already know, I am big on being clear about what your intention is, on a daily basis, i.e.: who you choose to be, what is most important for you, where your deep desire is, your essence, the energy behind all that you are and do. When I teach meditation, I often end the first seating session by asking meditators: “What is there now?” I generally repeat the question several times, inviting them to take the time to allow their own intention to arise from a deeper place within.

  • Focus

Allow that intention to become your anchor, your center, including physically. Intention gets its power when you feel it deeply, with every tissue, every cell of your body, and really anchor it as something real and palpable, that you know intimately enough to access it on demand and get back to it at any time. To make it real, I recommend to activate at least two of your five senses. Activate smell with essential oils or incense; taste with your favorite beverage; sight with an inspiring picture; hearing with music, a poem or a mantra that you particularly connect to; touch with a stone or an object that you are going to keep with you at all times.

Focus means concentration, something that is central in my work as a shamanic healer and important to cultivate in our modern lives full of constant distraction. How many times are you “multi-tasking” in your daily life? How many times aren’t you fully present to what you are doing?

  • Surrender

There is always a time when everything has to be released and all you have to do is to surrender to the moment. In the healing room, I don’t try to “heal” or “transform” my clients’ life and I don’t even presume what they need. Contrary to what I used to do years ago, at the beginning of each session, I now take extensive notes of what the client asks for and shares about their life. Then, before the journey and after I have prepared the space and called the energies, I set the intention aloud. The reason I do things this way now, is that it not only allows me to really imprint the intention in me and send it out clearly to Spirits, but it allows me to completely let go of the details once I am gone into the journey space. One of the key differences in how I do my work as a shamanic healer and the way many others do it is that I never journey thinking, “that person needs a soul retrieval (or an extraction, or her animal spirit to be called…)” or “I need to go to a past life.” I just go and completely surrender to where Spirits lead me and, sure enough, they are waiting with a long list of things they need me to do that would rarely have been part of my conscious mind “thinking”. The same when I work on the body. I don’t try to fix or release anything nor do I send energies. I just drop into the moment as deep as I can so that the client’s body can do the same.

In our lives, how many times are we focusing on what we want to achieve and is not there while life is showing us what is shifting right there, in front of our eyes? How many times we don’t see, feel, listen to what is?

  • Radical Openness and Presence

“Being open to Life” is a portal through which transformation takes place. Did the transformation happen before we opened? As we opened? Because we opened? Who can say? As Cheri Huber put it, “What we do ‘know’ is that in one moment we’re trapped in a tight, confined, joyless slog and in the next we’re catapulted into the magic and majesty of Life unfolding.” This is what aligning to the flow of life is about.

Here, I am talking about a state of absolute, radical presence, to trust the void in which you might be invited to stay for a while, not trying to make anything happen, just being there. You may have been there in your life more often than you would have wished for and it can be frustrating. In the healing room, part of the work of a shamanic healer is to hold the space for you to do this, to support you to reach that state in which you are no longer ‘trying’, not even trying to be, no center and no edge, just that void… The work is going to be done in the journey space. I know it. I trust it. But for you to embody that transformation now, I need your radical openness and presence. It is your radical presence that ultimately creates the space for a radical shift in your whole being (body, mind, spirit), a new creation, a miracle, the impossible made possible.

What is true in the healing room is also true in daily life. How do you show up – meaning how are you truly present to each moment, giving it all that you got? In this culture, I find that many people hold a somewhat romantic vision of what initiations, healing ceremonies and miracles are supposed to look like and the type of environment that they require. In reality, in my almost three decades of experience across the Globe (literally!), I have witnessed initiations, healings and miracles happening in the midst of the messiness, business and chaos of life, not outside of it. It-can-happen-in-your-life – right where you are now.

Experiencing miracles is your birthright, mine, ours. It is time to reclaim it! What you have to do is just to show up but do it fully, with intention, focus, surrender, and radical openness and presence. The rest is in the hands of Spirits and of the multiple dimensions of the Universe inside and outside your whole being (which are actually just One).

So, tell me, how are you showing up in your life?


Béatrice | Contemporary Shamanic Healer


With special thanks to Pam Sanders and Alison Carter for their editing.

Béatrice Pouligny
Allowing The Light
November 2014

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  1. Christy Samuels November 15, 2014 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    Beatrice, that is really meaningful – thank you for sharing it! 🙂

    • Beatrice1 November 16, 2014 at 6:07 pm - Reply

      You are very welcome Christy. As you know, it is a work in progress… Words can never fully comprehend what happens and how but we can try… so that more can benefit from it!

  2. Aurora November 16, 2014 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    This article resonated with me on so many levels. It seemed for years I was trying so hard to make things happen. And then, as Béatrice describes above, by shifting to a place of openness and receptivity, I dropped into the flow, into an allowing place where I felt my dreams and desires as intentions, yet released my expectations for the best outcome of all involved. Not only do I feel peace and ease about the future, but also appreciation for this moment and the amazing gift of life. Thank you Béatrice for your guidance and wisdom through this process.

    • Beatrice1 November 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm - Reply

      You are so very welcome Aurora! You certainly are one of those people who have accepted to drop into the void over and over again… It has been more than the usual “leap of faith” and yet, you have done it and are continuing to do it! Much Love Light to continue to support you on your path.

  3. Anne Marie Le Gloannec November 18, 2014 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Dear Béatrice, Your letter came as an echo to some thoughts I had that day, walking in the street of Paris, and thinking, with a big smile on my lips,”let’s get out of the cage and look at the unity of the universe”… Thank you for your thoughts. Anne Marie

    • Beatrice1 November 18, 2014 at 10:14 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Anne Marie. One question: and what if there was no cage? Just saying… Enjoy the Universe as it reflects itself in you and the streets of Paris… Blessings, Beatrice

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