Shamanic Healing Sessions with Béatrice

My shamanic healing session with Beatrice was one of the best therapeutic, spiritually based experiences I have ever had. She is deeply intuitive and always strives to understand the clients’ needs. She is a warm, loving guide who will take you on a deep personal journey. ~ Mindi B.


Shamanic Healing Sessions – Journey To Wholeness and Happiness

I offer two hour-shamanic healing sessions that facilitate a complete healing process and help go to the heart of your problem, no matter if it is of a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual nature (click here to read more about how a shamanic healing works as a whole process). At the beginning of your session, I will ask you what you would like to work on. It can be related to work, finance, sentimental or family life, the loss of a dear one, physical or mental health (in particular long term illnesses), spirituality, etc. You may feel depressed, hopeless or stuck in your life; you may struggle with anxiety and fears. Or you may just want to know what’s next for you. Clients come for a shamanic healing session with a wide range of demands and you don’t need to have ‘issues’ to benefit from a session. Also, it is important to know that, in the course of a session, we can work on different aspects. In all cases, I will not ask for many details but for a simple and clear mandate about how you would like to feel.

shamanic healing session


We will then transition to the healing space where we will reinforce the protection around you, call the energies (including your spiritual guides and guardian angels, whoever they are, providing that they are of the higher vibration of unconditional love). I always spend on that phase as it is important for each person to feel “home”, in a safe and sacred space — sacred as it will be holding your intention(s). You will be invited to lie down and I will help you relax deeply so that you can receive fully, without needing to do anything.

I will then journey on your behalf for about 20 minutes, asking what you have asked for and what needs to happen. From these simple questions, the understanding of what has happened will start to be shown to me and the healing begins. I won’t prejudge what you need or where I need to lead the journey, but will instead follow Spirits’ lead.

When the journey is complete, I will blow the energy of it into your body and take a few minutes to take detailed notes of what I have seen, heard and done.

Beatrice is astute and quickly able to access the depth and meaning of any blockage or disturbance she feels in the energy of a person. I deeply trust her. I feel that I have found in her a fellow traveler, a friend, and a spiritual guide. ~ Carolynn K.

Reconnecting with the body through energy work

The energy work that follows helps integrate the benefits of the journey and guides through whatever additional healing and opening needs to happen for you. It is a form of hands-on healing which uses a gentle, non-invasive touch to balance the subtle energy field and help correct blockages that may exist, increasing your body’s own innate healing ability and vitality. It also helps reconnect your different dimensions as a human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is an important part of the healing process as it ensures the shift in the body. The energy work is performed with the client comfortably clothed.

The words to describe my experience with Beatrice have not been written yet. She removed the pain from my shoulder and back, neither has returned. I feel more complete in the spot at the back of my head where I had suffered a concussion several years ago. She said that she had returned the energy to that location and I truly feel the difference. She had said that I would bring a job to me and that has happened! I received not one, but two job offers this morning. What a wonderful dilemma for me to have. I cannot thank her enough for her work on behalf of the world and individuals. ~ Joan A.


shamanic healing session

I will share with you everything I have heard and seen in the journey, and we will also talk about the energy work as some clients receive many insights during that part of the shamanic healing session. Although I will tell you all the details from the journey at that time, I will send you a full transcription of the notes afterwards. It is a very unique additional gift that I give my clients and I know that it makes a huge difference for them. Indeed, I recommend to go back to the notes from a journey on a regular basis as you may find new layers and new meanings, openings that you had not perceived at first, or simply things that start making more sense over time. It is also a way for the mind and body to remember what they have experienced — and to focus on the main messages from the journey. The energy and power from a journey are behind the words and they will continue to work through you. I have had countless feedback from clients sharing how much months, at times years later, a report from a session has continued to guide and inspire their life; more importantly, they report experiencing how much they continue to feel the power of the journey each time they read the notes.

 I am beyond grateful to Beatrice for her guidance, professionalism and the follow-up advice she gave – without any additional cost. I’ve referred friends to her and if I ever have questions regarding other areas of my life, I will definitely return! ~ Rachel W.

Closing the shamanic healing session with some exercises and/or a ritual

I may recommend exercises and daily practices tailored to your need and which will support you on a daily basis. The shamanic healing session will be closed with a small ritual that will help you embody the main lesson from the journey. This ritual is one that you can easily introduce in your daily life and which will help you embody your inner transformation. Additional recommendations may be given to you to support your healing.

At the end of a shamanic healing session, you will feel lighter, at peace and balanced, more hopeful and strong, more aware and alive, re-empowered to face whatever the challenges of your life you have to face at the present moment. Your life itself may seem more meaningful. You will have a better understanding of the different dimensions of your situation, which may include physical, but also emotional and symbolic dimensions that might not have been immediately clear or had remained unconscious and would have taken much more time to get unraveled through more traditional approaches. The effects of the healing will continue to enfold as the days pass. People usually experience a real shift in the next couple of weeks, but the effects of a healing may actually last for months.

shamanic healing session

Thank you, Beatrice for an experience of a lifetime. I have arrived back home feeling reborn.  Thank you for stepping forward to develop the gifts you have been given. You are a blessing to others. ~ Judith L.

Follow up

Immediate follow-up sessions are not always necessary. It varies from person to person. I will check with you in the weeks following the session to discuss how things are enfolding for you and if additional support is needed. Short follow-up sessions help make sure that you remain connected to the positive messages from the journey and, at times, continue the healing process. Support with meditation techniques and other daily exercises can also be provided, in person or at distance. In all cases, I provide a follow-up, if needed and desired, making sure that you have received the support that you need at that specific moment of your life.

Most healers hope that their clients can continue with them for months if not years — it’s recurring business, true — but I approach my role differently. I believe that you, as a client, should be re-empowered, set free. This is why, after each session, you will have the tools that you need to support you at this point of your life.

Most individuals find it useful to come back for a shamanic journey after a few months because something else has come up in their life, because they are at another stage of their own process, or for most of them, because they have felt so much benefit from the first session that they want to keep working on other layers.

Some clients also choose to continue to work with me on a more regular basis through the mentoring program: Click her to find more about the mentoring program

Distance shamanic healing sessions

I also offer distance sessions, by phone or Skype. They follow the same process as in-person sessions. The main difference is with the body work that I do at distance, immediately after the journey, while the client is still in a relaxed state at home. Then I call back for the debriefing. Clients who have experienced both are generally blown away by the intensity and effectiveness of distance healing, in particular (but not only) for physical issues. For more information and appointments, send me an email.

I recently had a wonderful distance healing session with Beatrice. I had a number of serious life decisions that I needed to make and I had been feeling very confused and unable to move forward. The session gave me the great clarity and a sense of calmness about what I needed to do next.  The fact that I had the session at a distance made no difference to its impact. It felt as if Beatrice was in the room with me and I could feel the healing energy pouring into me. I felt happy, healed and uplifted after the session. ~ Mary G.

I have received sessions with Beatrice in person and via the telephone.  The in-person session naturally had a more personal touch as she was physically there and there were aromas and stones and hands-on healing.  Nonetheless, the long-distance healing was equally effective in attention and resolution so I recommend both to anyone. ~ Jennie R.

I experienced a Shamanic Journey with Beatrice in October of 2011 and it was an amazing experience.  I came to the journey looking to let go of some old emotional baggage that I felt was weighing me down despite a lot of spiritual work I had already done to clear it.  The experience really helped me shift my energy in a way that was lasting and deep in my body and cells.  It was powerful and immediate and I had several strong emotional releases during the journey, as well as a spiritual awakening at the end that felt like an opening into the oneness of spiritual reality in a way I had only experienced a few times before in my life. ~ Tim M.

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Important disclaimer:
It is important to understand that shamanic healing is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services. As a client, you must understand that shamanic healing can sometimes bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause you to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant and cause some distress. You agree to assume this risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment that might make it inadvisable for you to assume such risks. You will not hold the practitioner responsible for any discomfort or reaction you may experience. You understand that you can ask the practitioner to stop the session at any time.

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