Dig Deeper Into Your Heart: A Spiritual Initiation

Dig Deeper Into Your Heart: A Spiritual Initiation

The spiritual path (and/or the healing path) is not always an easy one, to say the least, but the more we connect inside the easier it becomes at least from a few standpoints. For one, we no longer believe that answers should come from outside. We no longer even make the mistake of wanting the outside appearances of our answers first (for example the appearances of a “job” or a “modality”). We learn over and over that we need to focus first on the inside and let the answers arise from there. Among other things, this means that, instead of asking what is not, and why it is this way (“What am I doing wrong?” “Why can’t I fix it?” or even “What is wrong with me?”), we go to our heart and allow the energy to arise from behind our deepest desires, whatever they are (new job, better health, a partner, a child…). We dig deeper…

This post-Summer Solstice period seems to be one of those initiation periods for many of us – and for the World as a whole, as you can see in the news. Everything seems to be so intense…

How do you know that you are going through some type of initiation? When you have no choice but to keep digging deep inside, deep into the mystery in you, and to wait until you emerge on the other side. It is often dark, yes, but it does not have to be. It can be like falling through a big waterfall, all the way to the heart of the earth, as if returning to your inner source…

So many times, we try to skip that step of the process because we are afraid… of what we are going to find. I hear this so often from clients. Well, what if, when all the rest has gone and you have gone underneath all that you think about yourself, all the stories about your past and future… what you find is just the infinite source of all things, your essence, the Divine in you? What if you could find yourself once more, beyond the appearances that you are trying to figure out in terms of relationships, job, health, place where to live, etc.? What if you could find such strength that you would be unstoppable? What if you were that waterfall itself, in its constant flow?

This is the promise: taking the plunge is opening yourself to being informed by the intelligence animating all, to enter the dynamic process that is Living. Things might not enfold according to your plans. Your certainties might be thrown away one by one, each time you fall into the trap of believing that you know it all… But you will open up to so much more than you had ever dreamed about.

This is the promise and this post-solstice initiation period is the perfect timing to take the plunge but you don’t have to take it all by yourself. That’s what shamans are here for. Contact me now to see how I can support you.

Béatrice Pouligny | Contemporary Shamanic Healer

Allowing The Light


July 4, 2014


  1. Maria Morrone May 10, 2015 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    I just found (by no mistake I’m sure now) your website and read the “Dig Deeper: spiritual initiation.” All I can say is thank you. So much. I have been stuck in this place for a long time. I suffered from anxiety for almost my whole adult life. I recently had the insight that it’s perhaps I have been fighting my true nature of being in my heart, not my head, that creates this inner conflict. I have been asking myself “what is wrong with me” for as long as I can remember. i felt your words in my heart when reading them and you were able to put into words the exact experience I have having right now. I am just starting this journey and would love any guidance. Thank you for sharing with everyone. With me. You helped me feel safe!

    • Beatrice1 May 12, 2015 at 10:46 pm - Reply

      You are very welcome Maria. I am glad that it resonated with you. Many blessings on your journey and don’t hesitate to reach out should you feel that you need additional guidance, indeed. Warmly, Beatrice

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