A New Form of Spiritual Healing As Conscious Creation

A New Form of Spiritual Healing As Conscious Creation

There is a place inside of me where there is no past and no future no beginning and no end no sound and no silence no pain and no joy There is a void where everything seems to have dissolved or not been formed yet my body floating and then no longer existing no longer limited

This is the place where I AM and the ‘I’ no longer exists at the same time my body is the whole and the whole is my body
absolute spaciousness I have been there before… many time

And if I can stay there long enough not trying to make anything happen not even trying to be no center and no edge just that void

Then… a new form of healing as conscious creation may become possible as the highest form of the divine in me this is my birthright and I am reclaiming it

Béatrice | Contemporary Shamanic Healer


That day, I had 40 minutes in between appointments at lunch time. As I was near the National Cathedral, I went to sit and meditate in the Bishop’s garden in the sun. And I just literally fell in a sort of “void”… I went back to it in the afternoon while I was working with a new healer; this time, I stayed there for a good four hours… I have been in that place before… many times… but this time I may be understanding better how another type of healing can happen — one that has more to do with conscious creation.
But, to tell the truth, I don’t feel that I have the words yet. And I don’t feel I know… And I don’t want to think that I know when I don’t. I just know what my intention is…

Béatrice Pouligny
Allowing The Light
February 20, 2014


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