How Can You Concretely Re-Write Your Story?

How Can You Concretely Re-Write Your Story?

re-write your storyIn my  previous post, I evoked the power of story telling both for individuals and societies and how, consciously or not, we constantly re-write and choose our story.

Today, I would like to offer a concrete step-by-step process that I have used with some of the clients that are enrolled in my mentoring program. It is a very powerful tool to actually re-write your story.

I suggest not to necessarily doing the four steps the same day so that you really take the time to feel the transformation.

Before each step, do a short heart meditation: close your eyes and take a few deep breaths; make sure that you are grounded (feel those roots below your feet and/or at the end of your spinal cord, at the level of your root chakra); take the time to feel the energies flowing through your body and then go to your heart, breathing in and out of your heart chakra, just staying there. Once you feel that you are in your heart (and no longer only in your head), you can start.

Step 1: Write down your personal story behind a project that you have and that is not working. Write freely about all your fears, all the obstacles, etc.

Then, take a break, some time to breathe deeply through your heart chakra and, on a new page, rewrite that story as a done deal, a dream came through, an easy flow. Important point: make sure that you still write in the first person (I).


Step 2: Make two columns: one for the fears (or obstacles), the other one for the antidotes (or possibilities). Go through the two versions of the story again and pick up just one word to describe each component of fear or obstacle that appears in the first version of the story and each antidote you seem to have identified in the second version. Don’t try to necessarily have nice parallels. Just look honestly at what you have written and see what you find.


Step 3: Then, decide how you are going to put in place and support the antidotes on a day-to-day basis: make a short list of daily rituals / activities that can help you on the way.


Step 4: Because you don’t have to do it all by yourself and we all need a community to grow:

– Make a list of who your allies are for that project (including real persons of course, friends, but also spiritual allies, inspirational books, etc.)

– Imagine what your community(ies) to support that project is.


Don’t rush it and enjoy! It is a very powerful practice. If you feel stuck, let it seat a little bit and start again another day.

Share your experience below. Let us know how it is going for you.

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