Healing Sessions for War Veterans and Peacebuilders suffering from PTSD

ptsd from war

Healing sessions for war veterans, peace builders and activists working in or coming back from war zones and suffering from PTSD from war

regularly facilitate healing processes for individuals suffering from multiple traumas and PTSD from war. I have been receiving an increasing number of civilians, soldiers and veterans who are returning from war zones.

My experience as a healer has shown that the shamanic approach is an important complement to other services currently provided to soldiers and their families. My contribution is atypical in the sense that I also bring 25 years of field experience (both as a practitioner and a researcher) on violence and wars, as an expert on conflict resolution and peacebuilding. As part of that experience, I have often worked with militaries in the field, participated in multiple trainings and experienced war violence first hand. An important portion of my work has been geared towards understanding the individual and collective consequences of trauma, the different forms of resilience and how they could be supported, in a multidisciplinary approach. I am currently working with several U.S. and international institutions on these topics. For my work with individuals, I have developed a whole set of tools informed by the latest research in neuroscience as much as they are informed by my shamanic practice which offer very promising results for people suffering from PTSD from war and multiple traumas.

For the past few years, I have also supported (through healing sessions) and mentored an increasing number of civilians who work as professional peace builders or activists in different parts of the world. An important component of the work I am doing with them is to prevent them from burning out. This work can be done in person or at distance.


** Special discounts are available for soldiers, veterans and their families, as well as local peacebuilders. A number of peacebuilding organizations can also cover my services as part of professional development for their staff. Contact me for more information.


“Beatrice helped me regain a part of myself that was always with me, but that I could not find for years after my experience of losing friends in combat and witnessing the torture of others as a prisoner of war.” – Frank S.


Important disclaimer:
It is important to understand that shamanic healing is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services. As a client, you must understand that shamanic healing can sometimes bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause you to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant and cause some distress. You agree to assume this risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment that might make it inadvisable for you to assume such risks. You will not hold the practitioner responsible for any discomfort or reaction you may experience. You understand that you can ask the practitioner to stop the session at any time.

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