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Are you interested in supporting the people you work with, and enhancing both their overall well-being and performance in high stress environments?

Are you looking for ways to support yourself and your colleagues and prevent burnout in very effective, research-driven, ways?

Are you wondering how spirituality can effectively support your community or organization, beyond bringing mindfulness and yoga in the work environment?

Are you looking to equip your leadership with concrete tools to lead from a place of compassion and care, and more resources to transform unhealthy dynamics and ignite creativity?

This is for you!

In partnership with a unique community of neuroscientists, experts and practitioners at PeaceReWire, I am offering highly customized training programs that will fit your specific needs and meet you where you are.

In different formats (three hours to two full days), our training modules will lead you and your colleagues through highly transformative experiences. We have translated for you the latest research in neuroscience, to help you understand better how the brain functions and how it can be rewired, with the support of spiritual deliberate practices and rituals. This knowledge is articulated through very concrete skills and practices directly applicable to your life, your communities, and your organizations (for-profit and non-profit).

Every individual, organization and situation can benefit from these insights and very concrete skills.. Each is also different, and so are the challenges that you are facing. This is why we offer highly customized learning experiences and training opportunities to fit the needs of a wide variety of audiences, across multiple sectors and skill levels.

But here is a crucial difference in how we do things, which reflects the way I also work one-on-one as a healer and a mentor. Instead of teaching you one way to breathe or practice mindfulness, or meditate:

  • We help you understand the underlying mechanisms of what is happening by having our best neuroscientists directly providing you with insights of the latest research, so that you know how to change your approach, adapt your programs, etc.;
  • We inspire you by giving you examples of practices from a wide diversity of cultural and spiritual background so that you can look at your own environment and experience and identify what might work best for you;
  • We help you create and put in place (as individuals, a group or a team) the rituals and deliberate practices that you will choose, based on your own resources and what you are already doing.

We don’t only train people, we empower them to transform their reality by tapping into their own resources.

Here are some of the thematics that our program of trainings can cover:

  • Better managing stress in the personal and work environment
  • Creating your own ritualized experiences to transform dynamics inside your group, your team or your organization
  • Preventing burnout and building mind-body resilience in very effective, research-driven, ways
  • Tapping into the neural processes of compassion and its deliberate practice for stress relief and better leadership

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Béatrice is a true blessing for this society and her gifts of healing, her compassion and her warm smile are enough to ignite our interconnectedness with each other!

Jessica C.

​Béatrice brings a high level of intelligence, inner knowing, empathy and spirit into the room. Her observation is keen, non-judgmental and multi-dimensional. ​Béatrice is a force of nature who deeply inspires me, gives me hope regarding the human spirit and allows me to know my own original potential in this world.

Leigh W. S.

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